Who is Visiting?


Exhibitor Statistics
--CCE2014 has attracted 465 exhibitors from 23 different countries and regions. It is confirmed and highlighted the roaring success of the event.
 --109 international exhibitors and 356 Chinese exhibitors.
 --Exhibition area is up to 35000sqm.
 --5488 attendees are from 465 exhibitors. 
--75% of the exhibitors of CCE2014 have re-booked a stand for CCE 2015 in Shanghai.
 Business Visitor Statistics
 --Over 10145 visitors attended CCE2014 from 52 countries, 99% of visitors stated that they want to receive information about next event and would like to re-visit next year.
 --777 international visitors and 9368 Chinese visitors participated in CCE2013. More than 60% of international visitors are from Asian countries.

 Visitor Statistics