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[2018-07-26]Source:Committee of China Compoistes Expo
Exhibition Statistics for CCE2017
The largest exhibition of Composite Materials in China and Asia, “CCE2017”, closed its doors on Sept. 8, 2017 with a big success as expected. According to professional organization statistics, CCE2017 made a new record with 42697 attendance and a 2-digit attendance growth (12.9%).
[2017-09-26]Source:Organizing Committee of CCE2017
Background: As one of the Automotive Composite Day Series Activities in CCE.
[2017-07-25]Source:Organizing Committee of CCE
Great Success of China Composites Expo 2016
Hosted by China Composites Group Corporation Ltd., China Composites Industry Association and China FRP Society, China Composites Expo 2016 (CCE2016) was successfully held in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center during Aug. 31 to Sept. 2. With 40000 sqm of exhibiting areas, 528 participating companies, more than 13000...
[2016-09-07]Source:China Composites Expo Committee
2016 CCE-JEC Innovation Award-Process & Equipment
1.Product Name: Portable Thermal Wave Imaging Composite Inspection System     Exhibitor: Nanjing Novelteq Co., Ltd.     Partner: Nanjing University Our technology and product can serve in many industrial areas, such as new materials, new energy, aerospace, defense, rail transport and biological medicine. It adopts...
[2016-09-05]Source:China Composites Expo Committee
2016 CCE-JEC Innovation Award-New Application
1. Product Name: Composite Material Highway Guardrail (A level)     Exhibitor: Guangzhou Kingfa Carbon Fiber Materials Development Co., Ltd. This product replaces the existing steel W-beam guardrail with composite material plate to achieve functions of the guardrail. Composites plate is made of continuous glass fiber reinfor...
[2016-09-05]Source:China Composites Expo Committee
 1. Product Name: Aluminum Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxanes(Al-POSS)       Exhibitor: Tiance Technology Co., Ltd. As a novel catalyst for resin, Al-POSS has unique cage structure and good dispersability. The fluidity and thermal stability of the resins can be improved. The curing temperature and curing time ...
[2016-09-05]Source:China Composites Expo
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The Winners of 2015 CCE-JEC Innovation Award——Process & Equipment
1. Product Name: High Efficient Double Workstation RTM Press & Molding Technology     Exhibitor: Taizhou Europ Mould & Plastic Co., Ltd. This system can be widely used to mold different fiber reinforced product. It's a new technology combined with Germany HP-RTM, Vacuum RTM and SMC molding advantages. So far, we're the...
[2015-09-10]Source:Organizing Committee of CCE 2015-9-10
The Winners of 2015 CCE-JEC Innovation Award——New Applications
1. Product Name: Continuous Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polyphenylene Sulfide(CF/PPS) Composite Front Bumper     Exhibitor: Ningbo Institute of Material Technology & Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences     Partner: Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. Lightweight structure technology for the body of cars is one of the mo...
[2015-09-10]Source:Organizing Committee of CCE 2015-9-10
The Winners of 2015 CCE-JEC Innovation Award——Raw Materials
1. Product Name: Modified Bismaleimide Resin with Low HDT and High Thermal Resistance     Exhibitor: Tiance Technology Co., Ltd. Aeronautics and Astronautics: wing stabilizer spars, fuselage skins and stiffeners, engine components and critical load-bearing components. Microelectrics: advanced copper clad laminate ...
[2015-09-10]Source:Organizing Committee of CCE 2015-9-10
The biggest and most influential composites event in Asia-Pacific region, gathering all famed companies, covering every niche sector,showcasing the most advanced innovation of composites industry,where China Composites Expo is renowned as a bellwether.
[2015-06-05]Source:Organizing Committee of CCE 2014-10
Exhibition Statistics for CCE2014 According to professional organization statistics, CCE2014 pulled a record attendance of over 38555 people, total about 15700 attendees participated in the past event.   Exhibitor Statistics   --CCE2014 has attracted 465 exhibitors from 23 different countries and regions. It is confirme...
[2015-06-05]Source:Organizing Committee of CCE 2014-09-25
1. Product Name: High Performance Low Dielectric Fiberglass     Exhibitor: CPIC / FIBERGLASS HL-glass is a new generation of high performance low dielectric constant fiberglass of CPIC introduced in 2014, in the field of electromagnetic waves through high-frequency electronic circuits and has a wide range of applications. HL h...
[2015-06-04]Source:China Composites Expo 2014-9-10
1. Product Name: Continuous Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe (RTP)     Exhibitor: JiangSu QIYI Technology Co., Ltd. Pipelines for Petrochemical industry, especially suitable for transporting high sulfur oil, gas, water, natural gas, etc. Pipelines for the chemical industry, for transmitting low temperature and co...
[2015-06-04]Source:China Composites Expo 2014-9-10
1. Product Name: MTI HOSE/MTI VALVE Exhibitor: ITS (Yangzhou) Chemical Co., Ltd.     Partner: DD-COMPOUND The MTI® hose significantly increases process safety. Parts produced in the MTI® process feature a superior laminate quality. By utilizing the MTI® hose, even inexperienced users will succeed in the production...
[2015-06-04]Source:China Composites Expo 2014-9-10
Exhibitor Statistics   --CCE2013 has attracted 455 exhibitors from 17 different countries, it is confirmed and highlighted the roaring success of the event. --111 international exhibitors and 344 Chinese exhibitors. --Exhibition area is up to 39300sqm. --3605 attendees are from 455 exhibitors. --60% of the exhibitors from CCE20...
1. Product Name: Whiten Polyester Veils Used in FRP products to increase the transparency and light sensitivity of the resin, suitable for most of the FRP processes, such as Pultrusion, Hand laid-up, Filament wound, RTM, SMC, etc. Whiten polyester veils show better resistant performance to HF, which increases the chemical resista...
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  Exhibitor Statistics   --CCE2012 has attracted 452 exhibitors from 19 different countries, it is confirmed and highlighted the roaring success of the event. --108 international exhibitors and 344 Chinese exhibitors. --Exhibition area is up to 33500sqm. --Attendees from exhibitors are up to 5176 with 20.8% growth. --60% ...